Stages of care

Before treatment can begin, it is important to ask a few questions about the areas of issue, past history of injury, and lifestyle. X-rays are usually required to intelligently diagnose the location of pain and cause of it as well. We do the x-rays right there and start treatment, so that relief can begin immediately.

Relief Care
This is the first stage of care with the primary goal to provide symptomatic relief. The technique used to quickly and effectively reduce pain and other discomforts is called Acupressure.

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine bodywork technique based on the same ideas as acupuncture. It involves placing physical pressure, by hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices, on different pressure points on the surface of the body (which may be far distant from the symptom, related by what is called the meridian system) to bring about relief through greater balance and circulation of fluids (blood, lymph) and metabolic energies in the body.

Patients usually feel a significant improvement even after 1 session, My intent is to relieve and correct, and help my patients have a better quality and pain-free life.

Corrective Care
This stage consists of correcting the cause of the condition and promote healing and rehabilitating to the injured tissues with scheduled adjustments. Once pain and discomfort have subsided, tissue healing and functional correction is usually incomplete and will require additional treatments. Depending on the patient’s response, after a period of time, the patient will graduate to a level of wellness care, and just come in for checkup to maintain level of health and well-being.  

Wellness Care
This final stage consists of periodic spinal care to prevent the formation of new injuries, minimize flare-ups of old injuries, and prevent degenerative spinal processes from occurring.

"The greatest reward is to alleviate someone’s pain and suffering and see them return to a healthy, pain-free life! "

See what My Patients say!

"I have headaches, neck and back pain. The back pain in the mid area of my back is so severe it would take my breath away at times. Now I can enjoy my workouts at Curves!!! I'm enjoying my life more fully now with being pain free." Anna M.

"I had terrible low back pain, and my jaw would lockup while eating. These problems plagued me for years. Since I've been receiving adjustments, both issues are gone!" Marcia S.

"In the beginning I was seeking better overall health. I missed too many days of work due to illness and headaches. Now I'm healthier, happier, and headache free." Beth P.

"I have had mid back and neck pain for years. The mid back hurt all the time, and the neck got worse. In fact when I turned my neck to the right, the pain shot down my arm. After one month the pain was gone in both spots." Billy M.